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About Twin Peaks

Dividing San Francisco’s western reaches from its central core, no feature is more prominent within the city’s landscape than Twin Peaks, a pair of 900-foot hills that also lends its name to the residential neighborhood spread across its eastern slopes. Warmed by the morning sun and sheltered from the fog that rolls in off the Pacific at night, this location is also quite desirable for its proximity to several dynamic neighborhoods, especially those in and around Eureka Valley. Residents of Twin Peaks enjoy not only the seclusion of their private enclave rising above the city, but also the conveniences offered by the busier areas at its borders.

One cannot describe life in Twin Peaks without mentioning the views. The 31-acre Twin Peaks Natural Area encompasses the entire ridgeline, presenting not only sweeping panoramas over the entire city and the Pacific Ocean, but also sightings of the rare and delicate Mission Blue butterfly. Many homes in Twin Peaks also enjoy absolutely stunning sightlines, made all the more dramatic by the hill’s steep incline, affording vantages well over the surrounding rooftops. Walking the neighborhood can be strenuous for this same reason, though several public staircases provide a direct route up and down the hill, for example towards the Castro District. There one finds a wealth of restaurants, stores, and cafés, both fashionable and well established, as well as access to four lines of the MUNI streetcar for quick and easy transit downtown. The business districts of Noe Valley and Haight-Ashbury, both surprisingly close by, are another enticing option, each with their own unique character, the former quiet and charming and the latter more flamboyant. While Twin Peaks stands out for its elevation and its remove from much the city—itself an important feature for many who call it home—only its residents seem aware that it is also a hub, offering quick access to a unique array of San Francisco destinations.


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